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Virtual Appointments 


Virtual Appointments

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We don't always need to come into your home to discuss your needs and help you get organised.  We can meet online! We offer hour long, private (one-on-one), semi-private (two participants) or group sessions (4 participants).


With a virtual appointment we can:

  • Listen and give tips and advice;

  • Discuss where you're at now and where you want to be and look at the obstacles that stop you getting there.

  • Talk about decluttering and the process of cleaning out some of your unwanted items to make room and begin getting organised;

  • Do a virtual declutter if you feel ready, work with and support you through it and work with you to organise your space;

  • Consider what new routines and habits may be developed to help you maintain a space;

  • Create a 'to-do' list so you can note all the things you want to achieve, enabling you to get them out of your head and have the satisfaction of seeing them get crossed off as you get them done.

  • Help you feel less alone in your decluttering journey.

  • The session can be recorded and the link sent to you so you can replay it as needed.

Pricing (based on one hour session):


Private - one-on-one: $85;

Semi-private: (2 people) - $45 per person;

Group session (4 people) - If you and your friends/family want to get together to discuss their organising needs and reduce costs, group sessions can be fun and enjoyable and a chance to share stories and feel even more supported.  - $25 each.

So you want to book a virtual appointment? What happens next?

If you like the idea of a virtual appointment: -

  • Call or email us;

  • Nicole will call or email you/the participants to book in a session and get your details;

  • We'll send you/all participants a Service Agreement to sign and return along with an invoice for the pre-paid session;

  • Once payment is received the session will be locked in and we'll send confirmation and a Zoom invitation to join the meeting at the appointment time.

Book an Online Session

Book a virtual appointment by emailing us or ringing below. We look forward to talking to you!

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