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General Organisation

Is there a certain room or area in your house that makes you just want to shut the door and walk away? Don’t know where to start or how to tackle it? Are you finding it hard to manage your time and feeling like you're always time poor and can't get on top of things? Are you thinking of selling your home or downsizing and want to present your home clutter free for a sale or move? Talk to us about ‘how’.


How do I begin to take back the space and use it for its intended purpose? How do I get motivated and back to how the space looked before all the clutter took over? How do I put systems in place to organise my time and get everything done so I'm not overwhelmed?


Whether it’s a bedroom, play area, garage or any other space in the home, we’re happy to help you have it looking the way you want it to, in a way that suits you and how you can manage it moving forward. If you lack systems and constantly have no time to get it done, let us help you look at where your time is going and how you can better manage the demands.

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Home Staging

Are you selling your home or wanting to get it organised for a potential sale or an agent’s rental inspection? Everything's in Place can help you clean out your rooms and use your furniture and items to present your space for sale. 


Making a home less personal can completely alter the space and let the buyers imagine their own items and furniture in your home. It also gives you an opportunity to declutter prior to your move and only have to pack what you really need or want to take with you. 


If you have a rental inspection coming up and are concerned about how your home presents, we can help you clear the clutter and help you pass those inspections.

Home Staging

Moving House

Moving house is a big life event. It’s stressful and time consuming to try and get everything done in the time you have to do it, especially when life keeps happening in the meantime.


Do you need some help sorting and packing your possessions?  Everything’s in Place can help you pack for your big move and help you co-ordinate some services if needed.


Unpacking – Nicole can also help you unpack your boxes, sort and arrange things in your new home, and as the name suggests, you’ll see that ‘Everything’s in Place’.

Moving House

Downsizing &
Estate Clearing

Is it time to make the move to a smaller home or different style of living? Have you been left with a home full of belongings by someone you love and don't know where to start? Life is always evolving and changing and depending on what stage of life you’re in, we can find ourselves ready to move on to something smaller or more suited to our current needs. We may also need to distribute and move on things we no longer wish to keep and have in our lives. We all have a lifetime of belongings that serve a purpose for each stage. A move to a smaller home or a change in circumstance may also mean moving on some of your or a loved one's items.


Nicole is happy to help you declutter and work out what’s important to you or a loved one and what needs to be moved on so you and your family can move forward.

Downsizing & Estate Clearing

Home Office & Paperwork

Do you have paperwork everywhere and don’t know where to start? Is your home office in need of some help and organisation? As a former legal assistant, Nicole understands the need for privacy, confidentiality and deadlines.


Having paperwork and workspaces in order makes for a more functional and productive home and space.  Everything's in Place can also assist with filing, archiving and helping you set up a more workable office space.

If you feel overwhelmed because you've fallen behind with paperwork such as phone calls, paying bills and general tasks that keep a home running, we'd love to help you regain control.

Home Office & Paperwork Organising
Wardrobe Organising

Wardrobe Organising

Are you finding it hard to squeeze everything into your wardrobe? Too many clothes, shoes, bags and more, or is your wardrobe spilling into other rooms, on your furniture and the floor?


There are various ways to organise a wardrobe and we can help you clean out and turn it into a more functional space.


Nicole can also help you arrange for your items to go to donation services if required and can also take up to one carload of the items you no longer want, to donation/charity services after each consultation.

Kitchen and Pantry

This is the heart of the home but it's also one area of the house that can easily get out of control. We don’t have to live up to the perfect pantry and kitchen but wouldn't it be nice to be able to see and access everything easier?

Nicole can help you go through each item and work out what needs to stay and go and then reorganise it to a level where it's practical and can be easily managed and maintained in your own way.

Organized Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen & Pantry
Piles of Books


Hoarding is a complex issue that affects an estimated 1 in 20 households and is now recognised as a diagnosable and treatable behavioural mental health condition.


It can be confusing and complex for everyone involved and it’s not as simple as being told to ‘just clean it up’, the reality is completely different.  Hoarding not only affects the people living in the home but also their extended family, friends, neighbours and more. Having a lot of ‘stuff’ doesn’t always define someone as being a hoarder. There are many factors and reasons, unique to that person, why they may acquire, hold onto and not be able to let go of items.


As a graduate of the well-recognised and regarded ‘Hoarding Home Solutions’ course, Nicole can help and guide you or someone you know and love through the challenging process of eliminating the clutter, and help turn an often unsafe and unhealthy situation, into a safer and happier place to be.  Her approach is respectful, judgement-free and understanding.

So if you’re ready to, or find yourself having to make the change, Nicole would be happy to hear from you or the trusted person acting on your behalf.

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