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What's your organisation style?

No two people are the same, we all do things differently and unique to our own personalities and preferences. That includes how we organise.

I love to be organised and I like most things to be out of sight and those out of sight things need to be easy to find. I tend to put things away into broad categories and other times into more detailed and smaller categories, depending on what it is. This way works for me and my busy brain knows where to find things when I need them.

I came across a Ted Talk by Professional Organiser, Cassandra Aarssen, where she talks about how she discovered 4 different types of organising styles while working with her clients. The link to the talk is attached below and worth checking out to see which type you might be! It may even help to explain why you get organised and struggle to maintain it. It's also an opportunity to work out what your style is and even answer some questions and/or give you come clarity.

It's important and this video confirms it, that it's good to do things in a way that works for us and also brings us some joy. I know I'll be looking at how I do things in a different way now, and with some more understanding of why.


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