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Celebrating all your moments

How we measure a good day is unique. For some it’s based on productivity, where we got a lot done, managed to achieve things we hoped to do and crossed a lot of things off our list. For others a good day can be measured by not doing a lot, because we want to take it easy, maybe we’re tired, unwell or struggling, and maybe just getting out of bed is an achievement.

Whatever your definition, it’s ok. We have to have those down and slower days to appreciate the good ones. We also need the good days to understand what it means to have a hard one, where we just want to stop and let the hours pass so it ends.

I know for me, I’ve had many days where I’ve worked hard to get and see results, whether it be at work or at home. I love to be busy. I’ve also had many days which rolled into months where I felt I dropped the ball at home, I couldn’t and didn’t want to take care of myself or my family because I was not in a good place. This was a time that I describe as ‘quick sand’, where I felt I was sinking and had to claw my way out. I did what I had to do to get by and on the surface it looked like I was managing. The steps I took to get myself well have given me a new understanding and have inspired me to help other people take some control back.

I realise more than ever, that celebrating all of the moments is so important, because they all matter. That they’re all significant because they create appreciation and growth. We’re all human and we all deserve a pat on the back for trying, even when we fail. Moving forward with the smallest of steps still presents an opportunity to look back at progress. Our own personal perspective allows only one opinion and judge and that’s the person in the mirror. So let’s not be too hard on ourselves.

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips and where it’s so easy to compare ourselves to everybody else. It’s tiring, and I just want to measure myself based on my own standards. If I don't meet those then I need to change, for me.

So if you only do one thing today and that thing took all your energy, then that’s enough and worth being proud of, no matter what anyone else says or what you may say to yourself. Celebrate all of your moments and what you’ve achieved because only you know what it took to get it done.


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