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Are you sitting at Procrastination Station?

I saw this photo a few days ago while scrolling on my phone and it made me laugh. Not just because it's funny but because I could relate to it and was mostly laughing at myself.

Last year In Melbourne, and for some weeks this year, we were in lockdown. As annoying and stressful as it was, it was a good opportunity to 'get stuff done'. I had time and opportunity and all these plans but I'm probably being generous when I say that I got about 50% of what was on my list done.

Some of my excuses for not doing it all...... other things took priority, I was distracted by things going on in the house, other more important things needed my attention (like the couch and tv!), the day went too fast and I ran out of time and so on, but in reality, I know I was procrastinating.

Procrastination is defined as 'the action of delaying or postponing something' or 'the habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing a task despite knowing it might have a negative consequence'. The word originates from the Latin 'procrastinatus' which evolves from the prefix 'pro' meaning forward and 'crastinus', meaning 'of tomorrow'. In other words putting it off and it can wait!

We've all done it and we're only human. No matter what the task, thought or job that needs doing, big or small. It's ok to put things off, but if the thing you're putting off is getting you down or is on your mind day after day or staring you in the face, maybe it requires your attention.

I've often found that the thing I was putting off doing only took 10 minutes or an hour once I got started and I wonder why I didn't do it sooner.

Whether you've got just one thing or a lot of things you're procrastinating over, make a list of them. Tackle the small things first so you can see the list getting smaller. If you need help with the bigger things or don't know where or how to start, call in the troops, friends or family or someone that can give you a push or hold you accountable. You can even call a Professional Organiser if you prefer someone you don't know working beside you and motivating you.

Do whatever you can to find that spark to help you start and get you moving on those tasks. You'll soon see that what you put off to do tomorrow, might actually get done today and there will be no more sitting at Procrastination Station.

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